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Dec 6, 2022 | Advertising, Marketing, Posts, PPC

The start of a new year often means working with a new marketing budget. If 2021 did not bring quite the conversion rate you had hoped for, try incorporating these hacks to boost your customer conversion rate.

Website Conversion Rate

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Include at Least One Pop-Up

A pop-up advertisement, coupon, or lead form will draw the attention of website visitors the way that other content does not. However, the pop-up needs to include something that is worth the prospect’s time to look at or it will only be an annoyance. Try to make it something your visitors can follow up with immediately, like a discount code only available to email subscribers.

Clean and Update Your Business Website

No one wants to arrive at a company’s home page only to see outdated information posted about sales or events that ended months ago. People that you may have converted as customers could assume your company is lazy or does not care about providing them with timely information. We recommend assigning the task of removing outdated and irrelevant information and replacing it with fresh content to one person. Taking this approach is the best way to avoid posting duplicate content.

Include Several Social Proofs

Consumers pay more attention to what other consumers have to say about a company and its products or services than they do with anyone else. Your company needs to earn the trust of new customers, but you can speed up the process by including testimonials and product reviews that paint your business in a positive light. Try to include logos and other visuals to break up the text and give people a chance to digest what they have just read.

Remove Sidebar Navigation

Most people expect to see the navigation tools they need at the top of a website’s home page. Having too many options available can be frustrating and distracting, so we recommend removing any navigation tabs on the left or right sides of your homepage or other web pages. Your website should be concise with words and show plenty of white space to draw the attention of readers and keep it there long enough for a conversion.

Make the Lead Magnet as Simple as Possible

Website visitors should not need to search your website for what they need after landing there from following a lead magnet. For example, your visitor should find the promised gift or coupon code in their email within minutes of filling out the lead form. If your company is short on staff or resources to manage this, consider third-party sign-up assistance through one of the major social media networks.

Write Strong and Strategic CTAs

To increase sales conversion rate for your business, you should create valuable and strategic call to actions (CTAs). Determine what your objective is for that piece of content, and identify what the next steps for the user will be. Is it to contact you through a form? Schedule a free consultation? Download a helpful guide in exchange for an email contact? The key to developing successful marketing campaigns is strategically planning the client’s steps to complete a purchase. Once the users go through the whole process, a clear and strong CTA should do the trick to close the sale.

Include visual elements in your website

Websites with visual elements have more chances of increasing their average conversion rate. Think about it: Would you buy a product without observing how it looks or how it will work? Visual elements help you build credibility and trust in your products and services. If you are looking for customer conversion rate optimization tactics, you should start using visual elements for your products and service pages to showcase your work.

Improve mobile experience

Optimizing your website to fit on mobile devices is a crucial step to boost sales conversion rate. Most internet searches nowadays are performed directly from a mobile device. A poor mobile design for your website will damage your efforts to convert leads as users will likely leave your website for poor user experience. Make sure that your elements, font, and overall website design fit appropriately on any device to start getting qualified leads and improve your customer conversion rate.

Add Testimonials

Customer testimonials are the perfect way to attract new paying customers and increasing conversion rate. Users rely greatly on other people’s opinions when buying a product or service. Ask your current customers to provide their experience working with you in writing. Then, showcase their reviews on your website. If users doubted you were a reliable provider, testimonials would help convince them that you are the right choice.

Add a Livechat to your Website

Adding an easy way to contact you will help boost your sales process. Livechat will allow users to send a message directly to you with any question, comment, or concern when browsing your site. Ensure your sales team proactively answers those messages with excellent customer service skills. Answer all users’ questions while providing a possible solution to their problems, and you’ll see how it makes all the difference. Users are most likely to convert when they receive quality service when needed.

Create a Sales Funnel

A sales funnel is a tool to strategically plan your client’s journey from the moment he is a prospect until he converts into a customer. Work alongside your sales managers to develop the strategy you’ll be using for attracting users, nurturing them, and making the final sale. You must use different marketing efforts to create an effective sales funnel.

For example, you could attract users from a social media post on Facebook as your lead magnet and include a registration link where users will provide their contact information in exchange for valuable content. Once you have their contact email, that will automatically go to your CRM, where you can keep track of your clients’ buying journey while nurturing your relationships. Finally, an excellent email offer will be the last step to close the deal

How do you calculate a conversion rate?

To effectively calculate conversion rate, divide the number of total sales by your number of qualified leads, and multiply the result by 100. For example, if you closed 15 sales last month, and the number of qualified leads was 70, the formula will look like the following:

15/70 = 0.214 x 100 = 21.42%

21.42% would be your conversion rate for the last month. There are also tools that help you measure customer conversion rate in your Google Ads campaigns such as Google Analytics.

Get a Free Marketing Plan from Realtop

As you can see, achieving a good customer conversion rate requires lots of planning and marketing efforts. If you are a business owner willing to take on the challenge and increase conversions, we are here to help you!

REALTOP is a Boston-based marketing agency offering proven marketing strategies for businesses in various industries. We currently offer a free marketing plan for all new clients and invite you to take advantage of this opportunity immediately and start converting leads!


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