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Do you want to attract more users to your social media platforms that turn into customers? We can help! RealTop is a social media agency in Boston offering creative and engaging social media marketing services.

We have been awarded multiple INC. 5000 awards as one of the fastest-growing companies in the U.S. while having helped numerous businesses thrive online through social media strategies. Contact us today and discover how we can scale your social media marketing efforts!

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Knowledgeable and Creative Social Media Agency in Boston

Knowledgeable and Creative Social Media Agency

We have the knowledge and experience running creative social media marketing campaigns that drive engagement and target your ideal audience. Using the latest market tools, we can successfully measure your top-performing social media posts and determine the best strategies for your business.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing for your Company

Brand Awareness

Increases Brand Awareness

More than 4 billion actively use social media. Social media marketing helps you reach a wider audience and increase your brand’s exposure and awareness. Social media marketing is the solution if you want to attract new customers.

Better Engagement

Better Engagement Opportunities

You can engage with users and build relationships that translate into more sales by posting relevant and creative content. Also, you can communicate easily with your audience by answering comments and questions and listening to feedback.

Cost Effective


You don’t have to break your bank account to run successful social campaigns. Social media is cheaper than traditional marketing efforts. Our team will help you run successful marketing strategies that adapt to any budget size.

Brand Loyalty

Improves Brand Loyalty

Users who connect and engage with a brand on social media are likelier to become loyal customers. You can build long-lasting business relationships that drive sales and revenue.

Customer Insights

Provides Accurate Customer Insights

Social media is a great way to gain insights into your target audience. By monitoring social activity, you can discover your audience’s likes, interests, and behaviors that help you communicate your message through targeted campaigns.


Helps with Search Engine Rankings

Lastly, social media marketing can help improve your rankings on search engines. Posting relevant content and implementing SEO practices will help your website rank higher and drive valuable traffic.

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