Insurance Public Adjuster



Boost rankings nationally in order to generate more organic leads for their Insurance Public Adjuster business in Florida.


Total keyword rankings increased by 135. From 01/2022 through 05/2022 Search Engine Visibilty Index increased from 72 to 783, and Active Keywords went from 2 to 84.

How We Did It

Technical SEO

  • Inline Source Code NOINDEX check (prevents pages from being crawled and tricky to identify)
  • Site Load Evaluation (test site speed, SSL, mobile, redirects)
  • Compromized Site Evaluation (hacked, virus, broken)
  • SEO Work Integrity Evaluation (was SEO work removed or altered?)
  • SiteMap Refresh (clean SiteMap rebuild and resubmission if updated)
  • SiteMap Integrity (is XML properly rendering?)
  • Addition of schema.org structured data markup in Google-recommended JSON-LD format.
  • Search Console GoobleBot Fetch Evaluation (is website rendered properly by Google?)
  • Search Console Security Evaluation (did Google identify website security issues?)
  • Search Console Crawl Error Evaluation (is Google crawling all pages successfully?)
  • Search Console Crawl Speed Evaluation (does Google load pages quickly?)
  • Search Console Alerts Evaluation (did Google identify a moderate or severe website issue?)
  • Search Console Site Traffic & Ranking Evaluation (search ranking and traffic trends)
  • Search Console Keyword Collection and Review (collection of active search phrase rankings for reporting purposes)

Off-Site SEO

  • Google My Business Live Listing Review
  • Inbound Link Volume (monitoring inbound link growth and loss of key links)
  • Geographic Targeting Review (local [city, state], national, international)
  • Google My Business Review Monitoring: Have new reviews been generated?
  • Google Analytics Review
  • Inbound Link Health Check
  • Search Engine Crawling (delisted by a major search engine?)
  • Search Engine Submissions (beyond Google and Bing)

On-Site SEO

  • Content Optimization Effectiveness Evaluation
  • Search Engine Visibility Evaluation (did search visibility increase over prior month?)
  • Keyword Volume Check (did volume of ranked keywords increase over prior month?)
  • Google Search Algorithm Evaluation (will search algorithm changes impact the website?)
  • Keyword Targeting Evaluation (do keywords reflect products/services?)
  • Keyword Geo-Targeting Evaluation (opportunities to expand to new cities or states)
  • Devalued Content Evaluation (identification of content that Google weighs lightly or ignores)
  • Nurturing up-and-coming rankings (low hanging fruit)

Email Newsletter Examples

Real Estate Company

Real Estate Company Services Email Newsletters

Dental Practice

Dental Services Email Newsletters

RealTop (yeah this is us:))

Medical Services Company Email Newsletters

Cleaning Company

Cleaning Company Services Email Newsletters

Financial Services

Financial Services Email Newsletters


Medical Services Company Email Newsletters

Construction Company

Construction Company Services Email Newsletters

Mortgage Company

Mortgage Company Services Email Newsletters

Public Adjuster Company

Public Adjuster Services Company Email Newsletters

HVAC Company

HVAC Company Services Email Newsletters

Financial Services

Financial Services Company Email Newsletters

Real Estate Title Company

Real Estate Company Email Newsletters

Social Media Marketing Examples

Real Estate Title Company

Real Estate Company Social Media Marketing

Mortgage Company

Mortgage Company Social Media Marketing

Real Estate Title Company

Real Estate Services Social Media Marketing

Realtop Marketing

REALTOP Social Media Marketing Services

Construction Company

Construction Company Social Media Marketing

Financial Services

Financial Services Company Social Media Marketing

Financial Services

Finacial Services Social Media Marketing Work


Medical Services Social Media Marketing

Real Estate Title Company

Real Estate Social Media Marketing Work

Website & Landing Page Design Examples

Public Adjuster

Public Adjuster Website Design

Realtop (Yes this is us 🙂

Digital Marketing Company Website Design

Financial Services

Financial Services Company Website Design


Medical Services Provider Website Design

Mobile Media Company

Mobile Media Company Website Design

Plumbing Company

Plumbing Company Website Design

Drain Company

Drain Company Website Design


Dental Services Provider Website Design

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