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Do you want your online brand presence to become as shiny as your dental services? Do you want to attract more patients to your dental practices? Then you’ve come to the right place! RealTop offers top dental practice marketing services for dentists and smile experts that want to polish their business’s image.

We understand the unique challenges that dental practitioners face in the digital age and are committed to helping you succeed. Don’t wait any longer. Let us fill those little “gaps” in your dental marketing to create a winning strategy! Keep reading to learn more.

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Why is digital marketing important
for dentists?

Digital marketing is essential for dentists because it allows them to reach more potential patients, build brand awareness, and increase the visibility of their practice. The only way your business can differentiate from others is by selling yourself online effectively.

This is where our digital marketing services jump to the rescue. If your objective is driving more than likes, then this is your sign to contact our dental marketing company.

How We Help Dentists Succeed Online

Check out the case study below!


To scale his company and set up an automated marketing machine. He had used a previous agency but was not happy with
their lack of transparency, communication, reporting and comphrension of how his business actually worked.


Created custom Google Search campaign resulting in more than 800 leads at a cost of $17.10 a lead in the first year.

Ongoing optimization in Q3 & Q4 of 2021 resulted in 122 more conversions compared to Q1 & Q2, while reducing the CPA by

How We Did It

A/B Split Testing of Ads
New More Consumer Centric Ad Copy
In-Depth Keyword Research and Search Query Optimization
Extensive Daily Negative Keyword List Creation
Creation of invalid click blocking system
New Google Analytics Reporting
New Call Tracking Reporting with Call Recording and Instant/Daily/
Weekly/Monthly report to client for sales optimization
Feedback loop communication system with his team and our marketing manager
Strict adherence to google search and search partner channels(High intention)


“I saw a FB post about Google AdWords
strategies so I messaged the speaker.15 minutes later we were having an in-depth phone conversation about strategy and
getting the most marketing bang for my buck. I was impressed with

Impeccable Dental Marketing Company

Dental Marketing Experts

Dental Marketing

We are a dental marketing agency with over 15 years of experience helping dental experts build a solid online image.

Results-Oriented Marketing Strategies


Each of our digital marketing strategies is carefully thought out and planned to ensure not likes or clicks but actual results for your business.

Market Trends Understanding

Understanding of
Market Trends

Unlike other dental practice marketing companies, our team fully understands your audience through comprehensive research.

What does Digital Marketing in Dentistry include?

We offer a comprehensive set of dental marketing services that adapt to your budget and particular business needs.


Decrease in cost per lead.


Increase in lead volume.

What does Digital Marketing in Dentistry include?

Jake and Nik were a dream team! I was eager to fill a new therapist at my practice, Nurtured Well, LLC but knew little about google ads. They patiently and thoroughly explained the advantage of google adds and how they would help my business. They were always available and Jake clearly payed a lot of attention to my campaign– We hit our goal within 3 months! Well worth the investment.

Sharon F.

For 2021 I wanted to pull together all the loose strings of marketing I’ve been doing for my business for the last few years. I saw a FB post about Google AdWords strategies so I messaged the speaker. 15 minutes later, we were having an in-depth phone conversation about strategy and getting the most marketing bang for my buck. I was impressed with Nikitas depth of knowledge and the questions and follow up questions he asked.

Chrys C.

Jake and his team at RealTop are great! They are helpful, responsive, and respectful, and I look forward to doing more business with them in the future!

Lia T.


Are you tired of not getting results? No problem. Let our Dental Marketing Company put the Shine on Your Practice! Contact us today, and we’ll walk you through our service packages to find the appropriate one for your business. We are sure to make you smile with results!


Digital marketing for dentists consists in using online strategies to reach potential patients and build brand awareness. The final goal is to attract customers interested in your services and manage to turn them into loyal promoters of your business.

The money you invest in marketing your dental practice will depend on the goals you would like to pursue. Ideally, allocating a reasonable percentage of your business’s budget to your online marketing strategy would be best. Studies indicate that 5% to 7% of your budget should be designated to market your business.

Some of the best ways to market your dental business include:

  • Optimize your Website for SEO
  • Use Social Media Platforms
  • Create Engaging Content
  • Leverage Email Marketing 5
  • Invest in Paid Advertising
  • Run Promotions
  • Create Referral Programs
  • Monitor Your Online Reputation
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