Powerful Email Writing Tips that Drive Conversions

Email Writing Tips that Drive Conversions

January 6th, 2023

Email Writing is still a Thing

As a business owner, have you ever asked yourself, what’s the best tool you can use to communicate with your customers and actually delivers value?

Well, you might not believe it, but it’s email.

Isn’t email a little old school? Definitely not!

4.147 million users actively used their email accounts in 2022, which is expected to increase to 4.371 million in 2023.

Although email is a powerful and effective channel to reach your target audience, writing an effective email that drives conversions requires more than an attractive offer.

Do you want to know what it takes to create professional emails that help boost your conversions and revenue?

In this blog, we uncover some email writing tips that will surely help take your email writing skills to the next level!

Email Communication

What are important tips for writing emails?

There isn’t a specific format to follow when writing emails. Your strategy will vary depending on what your audience prefers to read. However, there are some email writing tips you can use to improve your campaign’s performance. Let us mention some of them.

Create a Meaningful Subject line

Subject lines are one of the most critical aspects of an effective email. The email subject line will catch the user’s attention and let them know in advance the content they can find inside the email.

64% of users stated the email subject lines influenced their decision to open an email.

To create a compelling subject line, keep it short but descriptive. An excellent example of a descriptive and engaging subject line could be “Enjoy 50% discount for the next five days!” instead of “Take a look at our discount.”

The purpose of the subject line is to convince the user to open and read your content. Ideally, formulate your subject line as an invitation or incentive that no one can resist.

The most challenging step in any email marketing strategy is getting the user to open your email. Once you manage to get users to open it, you will have achieved the first goal.

Start with an Appropriate Greeting

Every effective email should include a respectful and appropriate greeting. You want to make the client feel comfortable when reading it.

The type of greeting you use will vary depending on the kind of audience you are writing to.

However, some examples of greetings you can use include:

  • Hi [Name]
  • Hello [Name]
  • Dear [Name]
  • Good morning/afternoon/evening

Identify how your audience prefers to be referred to and adapt your greetings accordingly.

Email Business Communication Greeting

Keep it Short and Straight to the Point

Another one of the most critical email writing tips is creating short emails that effectively communicate your message.

The last thing users have is time to read a long and tedious email overloaded with unnecessary information.

If you really want your emails to be read, narrow down your message to the essential points you believe are relevant for users. You should write emails of around 50 to 125 words.

Also, make sure you follow the original topic. If you want to touch on another related point you can send another series of emails or a follow-up email.

Use Attractive Images

Emails with attractive images inside are more likely to be read by users than those without.

Studies show that 80% of humans remember what they see, including images. Additionally, emails with images achieve a better CTR than those with text only.

Select an image that best reflects the content of the email. Ensure that the image is appropriate to the email tone.

You will see the difference in your email campaigns by simply adding a type of graphic that grabs users’ attention.

Include a Call-to-Action

The final purpose of any email is to ensure that users complete a specific action. Determine the objective of your email campaigns before starting your drafts. What is it that you want to achieve? More traffic to your website? Close more sales? Build awareness around your brand?

With your objective in mind, select a call to action (CTA) that helps you fulfill your goals. Some examples of CTAs may include:

  • Sign Up Today
  • Buy Now
  • Read more
  • Contact Us

Finally, include a button in your email with a link to the page where the user will complete the final action.

Email Call-to-Action

Make it easily Readable

There’s no point in writing emails if your audience can’t easily read them. You can implement different email writing tips to make your email easily readable. Let’s mention some you can apply.

Use Spacings Strategically

Never underestimate the power of black spaces. Spacings allow users to rest their sight and make their reading experience more enjoyable.

Think about it, what would you prefer to read, a bunch of overwhelming words together or a small paragraph with spaces in between that make the content look thinner? The less the better.

Use Bullet Points

Bullet points help users digest your content into manageable lines. They also help you highlight essential aspects you want your audience to remember. Users prefer to read 3 to 5 bullet points than a whole paragraph. Never take them for granted.

Use headings

Headings help you divide your content into sections. They can also help users identify what type of information they can find across your email. Subheadings will help you avoid long email content while creating enjoyable emails.

Bold important points

Bolding important points help you make emphasis on short phrases or words that you are interested in your audience remembering. They also make the content more visually attractive and more understandable to users.

Use appropriate fonts and letter sizes

Fonts and letter sizes help you create eye-catching emails. Select a font that best sticks to your email tone. Use a letter size that makes the content easy to read but not overwhelming. You want your email to be a pleasant experience while reading, not something that makes users want to run away.

Watch your writing tone

Remember that email is a professional communication channel. Therefore, you want to make sure you use formal language that’s easy for your customers to understand. You want to avoid unintentional offense or misunderstanding to your readers at all costs.

We highly recommend using a tone checker tool to evaluate the type of tone of your email.

We tend to think we are writing in a specific tone, but it sounds different. You can use tools such as Grammarly to make your job easier.

Moreover, writing in an appropriate tone will help you sound more knowledgeable and credible, which sums up points for your business.

Proofread your Emails

One of the most crucial email writing tips many businesses forget is proofreading your emails before sending them. Don’t take this step for granted.

No matter how good a writer you may think you are, everyone makes mistakes more than once.

Grammar mistakes do not help your business look professional and make users think you don’t care enough about your email writing skills.

Use grammar checker tools to make the proofreading process faster and more efficient. Watch out for punctuation marks, misspelled words, capital letters, typos, and other mistakes. Finally, make corrections accordingly and you may send your emails.

Proofreading Emails

Use a Professional Email Address

Has it ever happened to you that you accidentally sent an email to a client from your personal email address? You’re not the first one. Another email writing tip is to ensure you send emails from professional email domains or addresses.

Make sure you always contact clients or leads from a company email address. This will help transmit credibility to users and increase the open rate. Non-professional emails may look spammy to a user’s eyes and increases the chances of being sent to the spam folder.

Always double-check that you are sending emails from the correct account; otherwise, your email marketing metrics might be affected.

Use storytelling

What a better way to sell your products or services than telling an engaging story that catches users interest. Customers are not interested in the attributes or characteristics of your products. They are interested in knowing how it can help solve their problems.

While telling your story, define the character, the problems he experiences, and how your business was the solution.

You can be sure you will engage more with the client than with a boring product’s characteristics description.

Show you care

The best way to sell more is by showing your clients that you care about solving their problems rather than just completing a sale. This way, you will connect with the client and increase your chances of making a sale.

Listen more and talk less. What is the client’s frustration? How does it make him feel? Based on that, offer him a product or service that best adapts to his needs rather than the one that will bring you more revenue.

This requires lots of empathy, but if well executed, you can drive more conversions than with cold sales emails.

Finish with an Email Signature

The last of our email writing tips is including your signature at the end of your email. A signature will make your email look professional and provide the user with contact information in case he decides to reach out to make a purchase.

Ensure your signature includes the following:

  • Your name and last name.
  • The company’s name.
  • A phone number.
  • A link to your website.

You can also add a picture of yourself to add that human touch.

Email Signature


With these email writing tips, you will create engaging email marketing campaigns that sell more, engage users, and communicate your desired message appropriately.

If you are new to creating emails that drive conversions, don’t worry, RealTop is the solution. We offer professional email marketing services that will help you make the most of your emails. Get your free marketing plan today.

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