How to Grow your Email Marketing List

How to Grow your Email List

February 1st, 2023

Email marketing is one of the most powerful tools in the digital marketing field. With the right strategy, email marketing can help you build relationships with your customers, increase website traffic, and generate leads.

Unfortunately, your email list might get shorter with time as customers may abandon your services, change emails, or choose your competition. However, there is still time. You can still collect email addresses to keep your target audience engaged.

This blog will show you some best practices you can implement to grow your email list and connect with your customers.

How to Grow your Email Marketing List

Create unique email content

The first thing you can do to make sure you grow your email list is to create relevant and unique content. Unique content can help you stand out from your competition and engage with your audience. It’s an excellent strategy to give users a reason to trust your business by being a reliable source.

Additionally, helpful content is a great way to retain your current customers, as they will stick around for more. Think about it. Why would you unsubscribe from a company that helps solve your problems and needs? Creating valuable content can build a more meaningful connection with your customers and drive more sales. Use these email writing tips to ensure you create valuable content for users.

Restrict your most Valuable Content

Restricting your most valuable content to email subscribers is a great way to encourage more people to sign up for your list. Ask users to provide their email addresses in exchange for downloadable material. You can create ebooks, guides, checklists, tutorials, offers, and any other content users want to download or sign up for. This will help you grow your list and build relationships with your subscribers by offering an incentive.

Create a new lead generation offer

Users can’t resist flaming offers that will help solve their needs. Another great way to grow your email list is by creating lead-generation offers. This could be an ebook, a free trial, or a consultation. You can also use your offers as an incentive for existing customers to upgrade to a higher level of service.

Lead Generation Offer

Work on getting Referrals

Getting referrals is an effective way to spread word-of-mouth communication about how fantastic your company is. Offer an excellent service to your current customers to encourage them to recommend you to their friends and families. Also, ensure you include valuable content and benefits in your email marketing campaigns to exceed expectations. Nothing is as valuable as a happy customer. Happy customers are your one-way ticket to getting new ones and obtaining promoters for your brand.

Use website pop-ups, widgets, and banners to capture email addresses.

Adding pop-ups, widgets, and banners to your website can be a great way to capture email addresses. Doing this will ensure that website visitors can sign up for your list in different parts of your site. This will make collecting email addresses easier as users will have the signup form visible and accessible. You can also customize the designs of your banners and pop-ups to match your website’s branding and feel, making it more attractive to users.

Use Discounts and Deals

Offer Discounts and special deals to users who signup for your email list. This will help you attract new customers interested in your products and services. You can also run contests or giveaways to users that sign up for your list. Who doesn’t like free rewards? Using this strategy will encourage new customers to join while providing value to them.

Create a landing page for email signups

You can create a page on your website specifically for collecting emails. This page should include information about the content people can expect when joining, the benefits they will receive, and a signup form to enter their information. Share the link to your page across different channels, such as social media platforms and websites. You can also send personalized messages to your potential customers and include the link to your page, inviting them to sign up for additional content.

Sign Up Forms

Use social media to promote your signup page

Once you have created a landing page for email signups, you can use social media to promote it. This can be a great way to increase the visibility of your page and get more people to join your list. You can add a link to your sign up form in prominent places, such as at the top of your Facebook page, in your Instagram bio, or in your LinkedIn profile.

Encourage subscribers to share and forward your emails

Inviting followers to share your emails will increase reach and chances of getting new subscribers to your email list. Also, it will increase your referral traffic and spread word-of-mouth communication about your company. Users are more likely to sign up for an email list if others recommend it.

Run Lead Generation Ads

A great way to grow your email list fast is by running lead-generation ads. Include the link to your sign up page in your ad to ensure users are redirected and provide their email. You can run PPC ads on Facebook, Google, Instagram, LinkedIn, and even Bing. Make sure you optimize your ads for top performance and that they are visible to the right people.

Lead Generation Ads

Utilize loyalty and referral programs

Loyalty programs will help retain current subscribers through valuable benefits and encourage them to recommend your business to others. Also, these incentives can convince users to sign up for your email list. Offer rewards such as discounts, limited-time offers, and unique customer benefits.

Personalize your Emails

Personalization plays a crucial role in any email marketing strategy. 71% of users expect personalized emails, and 76% get frustrated when they don’t receive them. Personalizing your emails shows customers that you value their time and attention, and it can make them more likely to open your emails. You can look at your email campaigns insights to determine which type of content best adapts to their needs, interests, and behaviors. Lastly, personalization increases engagement and can lead to more satisfied customers.

Personalized Emails Creation

Create a blog that readers can subscribe to

A weekly blog is a great tool to help grow your email list through valuable content. Your blog can be a great place to showcase your products, services, or expertise. Make sure your blog posts cover relevant topics currently being a trend in your industry and how they impact consumers. This will attract new readers that want to subscribe to it. You can then ask for their email addresses in exchange for receiving weekly emails that include your blog.

Send follow-up emails to inactive subscribers

You should try to acquire new email subscribers, but also you should try recovering the ones inactive or lost. Sending follow-up emails will increase the chances of recovering those lost users. Create emails to remind inactive subscribers about your products, services, or content and any lead generation offers or discounts you may be offering. The goal here is to convince users to return, so ensure that your follow-up emails contain an extra value that persuades them to take the desired action. Luckily, you will manage to engage with them and turn them into active users again.

Host Online Events and request Email Addresses

Hosting private online events can help you grow your email list. You can host webinars, virtual events, or online workshops that help you promote your products and services. Publish a sign up form so users can provide their emails to gain access. Once the online event is done, you will have their email contacts to nurture them with valuable content until turning them into customers.

Create stories and include a swipe up to your landing page

Social media stories dominate every social platform. Studies show that social media stories have the potential to reach up to 996 billion users. Create engaging stories that catch users’ interests. Make sure to include a swipe up to your sign up page that persuades them to join your email list for more helpful information. You can implement this strategy on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and almost every other social platform. Take advantage of social stories’ power and use it to grow your email list.

Social Media Stories

Create Feedback Surveys and request users Emails

Surveys will help you get accurate insights into users’ experience with your business. Take advantage of this moment and request users’ emails. You will show customers you care about their experience, collect their email addresses, and nurture relationships.

Create Videos and Invite Users to Subscribe to your Email List

You can also acquire new emails by creating engaging YouTube videos. Provide valuable information around a specific topic and leave customers desiring more information. You can then offer them to sign up to your email list for more helpful content with YouTube’s call-to-action cards. Also, add a link to your sign up page in the video’s description to ensure users see it.


Getting more emails for your list can be a great way to increase engagement and grow your business. Now that you know how to grow your email marketing list with these techniques., it’s time to start generating more leads for your business. Don’t worry. We can help you. RealTop has over 15 years of experience and has acquired over 100K customers through targeted digital marketing strategies. We can help you make the most of your email marketing campaigns. Get a free marketing plan with our experts today!

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