Realtop In The Media

Check out our recent guest appearances on some of the most popular business podcasts and news outlets in the world.

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Recent Media interviews

Check out some of our recent interviews on many of the top entrepreneurial publications, shows, and podcasts in the world.

Grow a Small Business Podcast

Our thanks to Troy and the Grow a Small Business Podcast team, we had a really great time talking about all digital marketing things, and our commitment to helping small and even large service businesses owners have a blast off online

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Influential Entrepreneurs with Mike Saunders

We had such a blast with Mike on his Influential Entrepreneurs Podcast! It was our pleasure to discuss our work ethics, our plans, and why we have a world-class standard for our clients. Thanks, Mike!

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The Founders Live Podcast

Many thanks to Nick and his team at the Founders Live Podcast for such a great interview! Listen along for a great conversation filled with advice to early start-up founders, the nature vs nurture of entrepreneurship, and the creation process for RealTop!

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Crazy Sh*t in Real Estate Podcast

A big thank you to Leigh Brown for having us as a guests on her Crazy Sh*t in Real Estate Podcast. It was such a fun interview and we loved talking about the different tips and approaches we have for the Real Estate business

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Real Estate Marketing Dude Podcast – Debunking Google Ads

Thank you to the team at The Real Estate Marketing Dudes podcast. We had a blast debunking google ads for the real estate industry.

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Sales Chalk Talk Podcast – Deep Dive

Thank you to the team at The Sales Chalk Talk podcast. It was a total blast hanging with Hugh & Gene and talking sales and marketing.

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Inside The Firm Podcast – Monday Morning Coffee

Thank you to the team at Inside The Firm Podcast. These guys really know their stuff. We did a deep dive into the different marketing pillars.

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The Social Insider – Everyone is Joining Forces With Realtop

If you have never heard of RealTop Marketing and you are a small business owner, we are about to change your life. RealTop Marketing is the single greatest thing to happen to small business owners since 2019.

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The NYC Times Interview

The ability to access information in today’s day is incomparable to any time in history. However, making sure the right audience is seeing your business’s information is a task that every small business owner has struggled with since the dawn of the digital age.

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EO FIRE PODCAST – Low Hanging Fruit A La Google Ads

We feel super fortunate to be able to have been a guest on one of the top entrepreneurial podcasts of all time, EOFIRE.

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