SEO on Facebook: Improve your Business’s Page

SEO on Facebook

January 4th, 2023

SEO for Facebook

Does your business have a Facebook page, but you are having a difficult time increasing traffic, engagement, or attracting new users?

For users to find your page naturally, you must optimize your business page with SEO on Facebook.

Wait, isn’t SEO only for websites? No, SEO works for any search engine!

Search Engine? Isn’t Facebook a social platform?

Let’s start with the basics.

Facebook SEO Principles

What is a Search Engine?

According to Neeva, search engines are software used to retrieve specific information based on users’ search queries on a topic.

Regarding the question mentioned above, isn’t Facebook a social media? Yes, it is, but also a search engine, as you can find valuable information about specific topics simply by typing a keyword or phrase on Facebook’s search tool.

For example, if you look for “clothes store in Boston”, you will get a handful of information about stores in that area such as posts, videos, images, reviews, and more.

So, the following question is…

What is SEO on Facebook?

Search engine optimization on Facebook consists in improving the Facebook SEO ranking of a business’s page through specific strategies and best practices.

Many other businesses offer the same products and services as your company. SEO on Facebook will allow you to differentiate yourself from your competitors and place yourself on top of Facebook’s search results.

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Facebook SEO Tips

How to improve SEO on Facebook?

Just like for your website, there are different strategies you can implement to boost your Facebook business page ranking. Let us break down some of them for you.

Use Keywords Strategically Across your Page

Keywords work not only for your website but for your Facebook page as well. Perform keyword research to identify the most appropriate search terms users look for when trying to find your products or services.

You can also look at what your competitors are doing in terms of keywords for their Facebook Pages and determine if it would work for you.

Once you have identified relevant keywords, include them naturally across different places on your business page, such as in:

  • Description
  • About Us section
  • Photos Caption
  • Headline
  • Facebook Notes
  • Updates

You can also optimize your posts which leads us to the next tip.

Optimize Facebook Posts

Including relevant keywords throughout your posts will help you target the right audience that might need your products or services.

Identify key search terms and include them naturally across your post.

You can boost SEO on your Facebook page by sharing relevant content targeting specific keywords.

Modify your page URL

All Facebook pages come with a default URL structure. However, you can modify the URL to create one that better resonates with your company. This is also known as a “vanity URL.

A vanity URL will make it easier for users to find your company when looking through Facebook. Additionally, it will help you build brand recognition and credibility.

For example, a default URL for a regular Facebook page might be facebook.com/93984804%8.

Instead of just leaving the URL with many nonsense numbers, try updating your URL to your company’s name, such as facebook.com/mycompany/.

A company’s name will be easily remembered with a simple and descriptive URL.

Vanity URL

Include an attractive featured Image

Attractive featured images can help determine whether a user decides to stay on your page or leave.

Users will most likely check a business page with an attractive featured image.

Select one that best highlights your brand and contains a powerful message for users.

Use attractive colors, fonts, icons, or images.

Think of a featured image as a hook and what will catch users’ attention.

Is your featured image something your followers would like to see? Use your creativity and express yourself through your featured image.

Regularly Update your Business’s Information

Updating your business’s information will help you build credibility. It will also give users an easier way to contact you if they need to buy your products or services.

Ensure your phone number, email, address, website URL, and hours of operation. Accurate contact information will also help you improve your local SEO, as your business will appear in local search results when users search for your company in a specific area.

SEO for Facebook

Get Backlinks to your Facebook Page

Just as backlinks work for your website, they also help boost your Facebook page’s SEO.

Building backlinks will help you boost your Facebook page authority, which will help you rank higher.

Also, inserting a link to your website will help redirect social traffic while encouraging Facebook users to check it.

People who share content from your page are likely to visit your site because the content is relevant and valuable.

However, you don’t acquire backlinks merely by magic, which leads us to the next tip to boost Facebook SEO.

Share useful and Engaging Content Frequently

Not surprisingly, one of the best ways to improve SEO on Facebook is by creating and sharing helpful content that engages users frequently.

Create a content calendar that helps you plan your content strategy accordingly and strategically.

If you have a hard time creating social content, use a keyword research tool to find top search queries performed by users. You can then take a look at what other competitors are doing and implement those strategies as well.

By creating content that educates and entertains, you’ll increase engagement, shares, and the number of followers.

Build a community of Users

Creating a community of users will allow you to offer value, build trust, and establish credibility. When you build a community of users on social media, people will come back for more. They’ll know that they can get more value from your content and that it’s worth coming back for, so they will return for their next question or need without you ever having to ask them to do so.

Additionally, it will help you enhance referral traffic as users will recommend your business as a reliable provider of services.

Building a community takes time and effort, but the results are worth it. If you don’t know how to start building a community of Facebook users, you can:

  • Create an FAQ forum and answer questions proactively
  • Create challenges or posts that invite users to discuss a topic
  • Create online events such as Facebook lives, contests, or giveaways
  • Create a group and discuss topics users might be interested
SEO for Facebook: Build a Community

Create Lives Streams

Live streams also help you engage with users while strengthening your online community, which translates into greater engagement and more traffic.

By creating live streams, you can show your company’s human side. It is also an excellent way to gather feedback about your business and promote your products and services.

You can also answer any questions users may have about your company.

Optimize your About Us section

A well-written About Us section will make it easy for users to get more information about what you offer and how they can benefit from it.

The About Us section will also be displayed on Google Search Results as a meta description version, which can help increase the click-through rate.

Manage your Reviews

One of the most important things you can do to improve your Facebook SEO strategy is to manage your reviews. Reviews make or break a business.

People rarely give feedback on companies they’ve never interacted with, so looking at reviews is crucial to improving your company’s reputation and standing in the market.

Pay attention to bad reviews and try to solve users’ problems. There’s a chance you might turn that bad review into a positive one if you change customers’ impressions about your business.

Take advantage of the opportunity to get honest and genuine feedback to optimize your service processes.

Users prefer businesses with more positive reviews than businesses with no reviews.

Facebook Reviews Management

Include a CTA

To help boost your sales and conversions, include a call-to-action (CTA) at the top of your Facebook page.

The final purpose of improving SEO on Facebook is to get more conversions and higher organic traffic. A CTA will help you achieve that.

Depending on your marketing efforts, your CTA will vary. Some examples of CTA’s you can use include:

  • Book Now
  • Sign Up
  • Contact Us
  • Shop Now

Claim Unofficial Pages

Unofficial pages can be created either by Facebook or Facebook fans. Having multiple or duplicate pages can hurt your Facebook page’s SEO.

We recommend you claim those unofficial pages to merge them into your existing page. In this way, you can avoid lost traffic, business information discrepancy, and completely control your business’s image on Facebook.

Check what competitors are doing

The last tip to improve SEO in Facebook is to look at what competitors are doing. Most likely, they are also implementing strategies to boost their organic rankings.

Facebook’s Insights tool allow you to compare how your page performs as opposed to your competition.

Replicate best practices they are implementing. If it works for them, it will likely work for you.

Why is SEO on Facebook Important?

Facebook has around 2.96 billion active users. Imagine the number of businesses offering the same products or services as your company.

This is where SEO on Facebook comes to play an important role. Optimizing your Facebook page with SEO best practices will give you a competitive advantage over your competitors’ business pages.

It will make your business page stand out to search engines and users and help position it above your competitors.

SEO in Facebook can bring you benefits such as:

  • More significant organic traffic and engagement
  • Increased brand awareness
  • More leads and followers
  • Greater authority on the market
Importance of Facebook SEO


By implementing strategies to boost your SEO in Facebook, you’ll be able to increase visibility for your business’s Facebook page by creating engagement with users, generating organic traffic, and gaining exposure for your brand.

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