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Up your marketing game with custom created email newsletters for your brand. Email remains the highest R.O.I. channels across many industries today.

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An email marketing newsletter is a regular publication sent to a list of recipients that contains interesting and valuable content on a specific topic. The purpose of an email marketing newsletter is to keep your audience engaged by providing them with useful, thought-provoking and relevant information on the topic.

Creating an email marketing newsletter is a great way to build trust and credibility with your audience, as well as generate leads and build relationships. By providing valuable, high-quality content in your newsletter, you can generate excitement and hunger for more. This can result in people becoming loyal readers of your publication, which can drive traffic to your website and generate leads for your business.

Conversion Creating Email Marketing

Our email marketing services at RealTop Marketing offers digital newsletters as a way to inform your subscribers about exclusive content that is not found anywhere else, such as upcoming discounts or member-only information. Potential subscribers have given clear consent to sign up for email newsletters from your company and receive an email newsletter from you on a scheduled basis.

Our Boston digital advertising newsletters are a great way to inform your potential customer list with never before seen content that will give them an incentive to sign up. We will help you with these services by designing an email that is both effective and user-friendly, that customers will want to engage with. No one wants spam emails, so we will help design a captivating newsletter and put it on a schedule that does not overwhelm your subscribers’ mailboxes.

Email Marketing Done Right

With the constant flow of spam emails that come into mailboxes, we want to make email newsletters that will capture the attention of your subscribed clients. By doing so, they will have access to never before seen information or deals happening.

We understand that email marketing can be a tricky digital marketing strategy, but we can help navigate you through it. Do you want to up your email marketing? Contact our team of Boston email marketing experts at 1 (866) 685-9596 for a free marketing plan on our digital marketing services.

Email Marketing Services


Affordable Boston Email Marketing


Compared to other online marketing strategies, email marketing campaigns are super affordable. You can reach a significant number of users with different budgets from where to choose, which translates into a high ROI.


With email marketing, you can reach a more significant number of leads compared to other methods. The only thing you need is their email addresses. Invest time in building your contact list by providing valuable information in exchange for emails. Since almost everyone has an active email account, you have greater opportunities of converting them into customers.

Easily Measure Email Marketing Campaigns


By using email marketing tools, you can easily track KPIs such as delivery rates, bounce rates, unsubscribe rates, click-through rates, and open rates. This information will allow you to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your email campaigns and think of manageable tactical moves to optimize your email efforts.


Emails allow you to foster your business relationships by providing benefits, information, or special offers to your current customers. By nurturing your business’s relationships, you will increase customer retention and convert users into loyal promoters of your brand. Happy and valued customers mean more profit for your company.


One of the most significant advantages of emails is that they allow you to personalize email campaigns to better appeal to your customers. Customers that receive a personal email are more likely to complete the desired call-to-action.



 We will implement content marketing strategies to ensure we create engaging sales copy for your ads that attract more clients for your business.

Some Examples Of Our Work


Real Estate Company

Real Estate Company Services Email Newsletters

Dental Practice

Dental Services Email Newsletters

RealTop (yeah this is us:))

Digital Marketing Services Company Email Newsletters

Cleaning Company

Cleaning Company Services Email Newsletters

Financial Services

Financial Services Email Newsletters


Medical Services Company Email Newsletters

Construction Company

Construction Company Services Email Newsletters

Mortgage Company

Mortgage Company Services Email Newsletters

Public Adjuster Company

Public Adjuster Services Company Email Newsletters

HVAC Company

HVAC Company Services Email Newsletters

Financial Services

Financial Services Company Email Newsletters

Real Estate Title Company

Real Estate Company Email Newsletters


Of course! Email is an excellent channel to reach your target audience. Almost every professional and user has an active email account. Users are most likely to open an email if it feels personal and has relevant information for them. This represents an opportunity for you to reach users with engaging email content. By combining your social media marketing strategies, you can acquire email contacts from social media posts that you can eventually nurture and turn into customers. REALTOP provides online digital marketing solutions that will help you target your audience and experience business growth.

No, email marketing is not going away. It is likely only to become more effective for both businesses and consumers. Here’s why:

1. People are using their smartphones more than ever before. This means that they are accessing their email and social media accounts on the go, making it easier to receive and read emails.
2. People have become increasingly attentive to what information is being shared by businesses and organizations online. The more trust they have in a business, the more likely they are to open their emails and buy from that business online.
3. Users are more likely to complete a call to action coming from an email if the content feels personal to them. Instead of creating generic emails, personalize them by modifying the content so that it appeals to the user who’s going to receive it.

An open rate that hovers around 40% or higher is usually considered to be good and indicates that the content is not only generating interest but also capturing it. If you have a lower open rate, then it represents an opportunity for you to optimize your e-mail marketing efforts.

There are a number of considerations when developing email marketing campaigns that will ensure it is successful.

The type of content included in the publication should be relevant to your target audience, as well as entertaining and dynamic.

The frequency of publication should be determined based on how often you want people to receive the publication and how likely they are to read it all the way through.

The design and format of the publication should be easy to read on a variety of devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

A compelling call to action at the end of the publication can be used to prompt people to sign up for a mailing list or take other actions that will help you collect contact information.

By using automated tools such as autoresponders and autoresponder sequences, you can ensure that your emails are constantly being sent out to your subscribers.

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