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100K + customers acquired using PPC ADS and counting….

RealTop is a top-tier certified google ads partner, managing millions of dollars in google, bing, facebook and tik-tok pay-per-click ads. We have provided professional PPC management services for some of the fastest growing private companies in North America and the United Kingdom. Click below to learn more. 

Google Ads Certified partner


How Can PPC Help Your Business

Pay-per-click advertising, or PPC as it is commonly referred to, is a prominent form of digital marketing. Paid ads are a tremendous asset for increasing brand recognition and to increase website traffic. There are a few different modes of PPC advertising that include Google Ads. The years of experience our Boston Google Ads management team at RealTop Marketing has with these types of campaigns is greatly beneficial and we can build a strategy that will help you see results.

There are some great benefits to using our Google Ads management services. A PPC campaign can be cost-effective since you are only paying when a user clicks to go to your website. This means that anytime a user sees your name, but doesn’t click, you are still bringing awareness to your brand or business. Another benefit is that this type of advertising is targeted. You are able to hand-select who sees your ad based on the demographics that best describe your ideal customer.

PPC Campaigns Boston

Pay Per Click Campaigns Done Right

PPC advertising is not without its own particular set of trials, however, you can rest assured that our experienced staff will work hard to help you see a higher ROI. Our Boston Google Ads management team will support you in every facet of this endeavor while giving you monthly reports and up-to-date analytics that show the specifics of your campaign. When you partner with RealTop Marketing you aren’t getting an impersonal marketing firm, but rather a real advocate for your business. We are a dedicated team of individuals who aim to give you the support you need with a valuable PPC strategy.

If you are looking for a focused PPC campaign for your business, our Boston PPC campaign and advertising services can be tailored to fit your business’ objective and fiscal allowance.

Results are everything

( click individual case study for more detail )

Decreased Cost Per Lead by 50%.

New Campaign launched for a startup with more than 1k leads created in the first 6 months. 

Decreased Cost Per Acquisition by more than 50% while increasing lead volume 2x. 

Optimized Google Search campaign generating over 1000 visits to the website in the first 90 days resulting in 105 leads at a cost per acquisition of $26.26.


1000+ New Clients Per Month and 3 INC. 5000 awards!

520+ Leads for $63 CPL in Year 1 for Personal Injury Law Firm startup. 


13k+ leads for a UK Financial Services Company Startup

Optimized Google Search campaign generating almost 3000 visits to the website resulting in 79 leads and over 150 phone calls.

Would you like to check out some more of our success stories? Click below to review testimonials from a small sampling of our satisfied clients.