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Need help managing your overall social media presence?

Skyrocket the Growth of Your Business With Social Media Marketing

RealTop’s team of social media marketing experts will get to know your business, dig deep into your industry, and make it our mission to elevate your brand through engaging content on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and beyond.

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Is Your Business Keeping Up With the Ever-Changing Social Platforms?

Social media has become a part of daily life for more than 2 billion people.

With a constantly changing landscape, social media platforms are constantly making changes that affect the way businesses operate and advertise. At RealTop, our expert social team stays on top of the latest advancements to create the most kick-ass social campaigns, and make adjustments, when needed. You’ll always stay one step ahead of your competitors and dominate your brand.


The key to successful social media marketing is to have consistent and legitimate updates.


We provide a broad range of services in the social media realm to businesses nationwide.


Let RealTop design a Social Media Marketing plan that will help your business stay top-of-mind.

People using it daily!


US businesses are using social media for marketing purposes.

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Successful Social Media Marketing Starts With A Winning Strategy.

Whether you’re hoping to establish an influential social media presence or want to greatly improve your current one, we’ll deliver measurable results at an affordable price.

Unlike our competitors, we never creates generic, one-size-fits-all campaigns. We take the time to thoroughly understand your business, goals and challenges to develop a powerful social media strategy for your unique needs. We’ll transform your business vision into an engaging social persona to enhance your brand, organically increase followers, and improve your bottom line.

Extend Your Reach by Engaging Audiences on Multiple Platforms.

Effective social media marketing is about much more than simply posting content.

It’s about creating higher visibility for your brand across multiple platforms to supercharge your growth. We’ll help you impress throngs of potential customers on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and more through daily social messaging. You’ll also enjoy a much stronger connection and increased loyalty with current customers.


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Captivating Content to Boost Your Brand and Reputation.

The #1 “secret” to increasing traffic from social media is all about engaging your audience. We’ll create and promote captivating social media posts in your unique brand’s “voice” that will impress both new and old followers. You’ll come across as an authoritative brand in your industry so your business stays top-of-mind.

Social Profiles That Build Credibility and Trust.

Your business profile is often the first thing people come in contact with on social media. Do you want to show off your business in the best possible light? We create powerful social profiles that show off your brand in the best possible light, and inspire people to engage with your business. Your social profiles will clearly communicate your unique service or goods, and make you stand our from your competitors.

Drive Throngs of Customers To Your Website.

Social media allows your content to be seen by thousands of ideal prospects who become inspired to seek out your website. Businesses that create 15 blog posts per month, and share them on social media average 1,200 new leads. And by simply adding a link to your website on all your social media profiles, potential customers will be inspired to visit your site. Forbes reports that Social media now drives 31% of all referral traffic.

Schedule Posts in Advance

Always have consistent updates that your followers can count on.

The key to successful social media marketing is to have consistent updates that your followers can count on. To achieve the highest engagement, you need to be in constant interaction with your followers across all major platforms. Our social team can create and schedule all your social media posts for a week or even one month in advance. This way, you can spend more time running your business without always needing to post content.

Don’t take Our Word For It. Here’s What Our Customers Have to Say….

“Working with Realtop is a collaborative and impactful experience for my business. The team is able to listen, use their proprietary tools, and get to the right message that represents me / my business. “

Andrew Musto

CEO, Musto Managment


ANdrew Musto