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Nov 25, 2022 | Advertising, Marketing, Posts, PPC

 Trojan Horse Marketing Strategy

Few tales from Greek mythology are more well-known than the tale of the Trojan Horse strategy. In an effort to put an end to the seemingly endless Trojan War, the great hero Odysseus struck upon a brilliant idea.

Taking advantage of the fact that Trojans considered the horse to be sacred, Odysseus instructed his Greek soldiers to construct a large wooden horse sculpture. The Greek army wheeled this sculpture to the city gates of Troy and left it behind as a gift.

Unable to resist the allure of this statue, the Trojans opened the gates and brought it into the city. What they didn’t know, of course, was that scores of Greek soldiers were hidden within the hollow interior of the Trojan horse.

When the Trojans fell asleep that night, the Greek soldiers emerged from the horse, opened the gates, and allowed the entire Greek army to infiltrate and overtake the city. Victory was theirs!

Borrowing its name from this incredible story and the wooden horse at its center, the marketing tactic known as the “Trojan Horse Strategy” requires absolutely no carpentry skills to pull off. Instead, marketers hide a range of promotional and sales team efforts within an attractive outer shell that consumers will find absolutely irresistible.

The Real Top digital marketing agency follows an intricate process to develop a Trojan horse strategy that is tailor-made to meet the specific wants and needs of a wide variety of businesses and organizations:

Troajan Horse: Business Development Strategy. Get Dream Prospects!

Get a Free Marketing Plan with REALTOP!

How to Build a Trojan Horse Strategy?

# 1. Create an avatar of your ideal client/customer

In order to target your particular “city of Troy,” you must first clearly identify it. Using all the tools at your disposal, determine your average client or customer, fleshing out as many minute details as possible.

# 2. Define their most common pain point

Pain points are poorly managed touchpoints and consumer frustrations when securing a particular product or service. Your Trojan horse will allow your marketing audience base to avoid these!

# 3. Analyze what the competitors are doing

Trojans used to carefully analyze the strategy of their enemies in order to plan their next tactic. By analyzing what your competitors are doing you’ll be able to plan your next tactic accordingly and go through your entire process of converting prospects and make any optimizations needed. Also, it will help you create a killing sales pitch that allow

# 4. Create an appropriate responsive offer

This is your Trojan horse. Typically free of charge and available with “no strings attached,” it should allow you to quickly and painlessly establish a positive rapport with your target consumer. Even better, it can position you as a friendly trusted advisor.

Examples of outstanding Trojan Horses include:

  • Free Consultations
  • Free Trial Offers
  • Free Tutorials
  • Free Strategy Session
  • Free eBook
  • Blogs and Articles

# 5. Make sure they come back for more

Once you have managed for prospects or customers to accept the offer, make sure to gather some valuable information that will help you make sure they come back for more. This might be:

  1. A contact email
  2. A phone number
  3. A subscription
  4. A benefit program/discount

Once you have a way of contacting the client, you might keep nurturing your relationship and making sure they come back for more.

Now that you have built your Trojan horse, all that’s left is to wheel it to the gates of the city. In digital marketing terms, this can mean reaching out through social media, email, and search engine campaigns among other online communication channels. With a single consumer click, your Trojan horse is accepted with good-will, leaving you “within city walls” and ready to strike!

If you are looking to design the ultimate Trojan horse for your company or simply want to learn more about this highly effective marketing technique and others, contact the digital marketing experts at Real Top today and get a Free Marketing Plan!

Best regards, Nik Tsoukales, CEO

Direct Line: 617-315-1138

Main Line: 800.676.8350

Skype: nikitastsoukales

Email: nik@realtop.com 

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