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Why You Should be Using Google Ads to Market Your Business?

For some businesses, it doesn’t make sense to use Google Ads. But for most companies, Google ads should be the “minimum” that you do to market your business.

In fact, the conversion rate on someone coming to your website from a Google Ad is 25% higher than those coming to your website another way.

You may not realize it, but Google and Google Ads are quickly becoming the only place that many of your potential customers are searching for businesses like yours—and you need to be there!

Google Ad Groups: Google Display Network and Google Search Ads

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The Importance of Google Ads Online Advertising

Google Ads is one of the most used search engine marketing tactics. Paid ads are highly important in such a competitive market in order to reach your audience. Below are some reasons of why including Google Ads in your marketing efforts is crucial.

Google Ads are the New Yellow Pages

Years ago, if you wanted a plumber or a dog groomer, you would head to the yellow pages to get information. Phone books are virtually obsolete now—and Google has taken their place as a modern-day phone directory.

While your company may be listed in the phone book, if you want an actual ad, you likely aren’t going to get it for free. The same can be said about search engines, including Google and Google Ads.

Today, we are transitioning into having a whole generation of people who have never used the yellow pages. Instead, they are only getting their information about businesses and services from online searches. They aren’t asking friends and neighbors for referrals, and they aren’t looking at other forms of marketing.

There is a whole segment of people using Google exclusively to get information—and your business needs to be there to show what you have to offer!

Having a Website Alone Often Isn’t Enough

“I have a website and great SEO. Shouldn’t I rank in a Google search anyway? Why would I pay more for a Google Ad?”

While good content and SEO will help you with search rankings, it’s important to know that Google will always prioritize search results in favor of those who have paid for advertising.

If you run a search for “plumbers near me,” you might find something like this across the top of your search results.

Effective Google Ad Campaigns Strategy

These are advertising, not genuine search results. They appear at the top of the search results.

Google My Business Listings

The next thing you’ll see is the Google My Business listings. These are free listings, but they always come after the paying ads for services.

The organic ranking only appears after both of these services that Google includes on every search result. For local businesses, that means that organic rankings aren’t nearly as important as they once were.

Google Ads are Especially Important for Service Businesses

Some companies do well by focusing on building an audience. They create that audience on social media or through their blog. They provide free tips and advice, and when that audience needs a product or service, the audience will turn to that company, which has developed itself as an authority on the subject.

That type of approach doesn’t work for every business. A plumber, for example, likely won’t be able to create an audience using social media like Instagram or Twitter. Instead, someone is only going to call on that type of business when they have a problem. It’s an event to seek out that type of business, rather than a nudge toward their services.

What are the benefits of Google Ads Campaigns?

Helps you get more conversions

Google Ads are a powerful tool for businesses that want more sales. The ads are tailored to the needs of individuals searching for your product or service. This means more people will see your ad and be able to contact you. Clients clicking on your ads are closer to completing a purchase than others as they look for specific keywords that you can target on your online ads, such as “men shoes”. If you want to increase conversions quickly, you should definitely start a Google Ads campaign.

You get quicker results

Google Adwords are know to deliver quick results as opposed to any other digital marketing strategy. It allows you to position your business at the top of Google search results pages, which increase clicks and the chances of someone completing a purchase. Also, Google Ads dashboard provides you with all the insights necessary to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns. In this way, you’ll be able to make any corrections necessary to optimize the performance of your ads.

Helps you build brand awareness

As your business will be visible to more users, it is more likely they remember your business when a specific need comes up. Even if you don’t manage to close a sale, you’ll be gaining more reach to your target audience

You set your budget

One of the greatest benefits of creating a Google Ads account to market your business is that you don’t need a big initial investment. Google ads allows you to set a budget and work towards it. You can decide to whether increase it or decrease it as you start observing results. And guess what? You’ll only pay once an interested user clicks on your ad. You won’t have to worry about your ad spend as you will have total control over it.

Allows you to learn more about your target audience

By creating a Google adwords account, you will be able to discover the search trends of your target market, their behavior, and what they like by using Google Analytics. With this information you will be able to create more accurate and relevant campaigns.

Retargets users interested in your ads

Don’t worry if you couldn’t close a sales of a lead, Google ads retargeting tracks users search behavior who previously interacted with your ad but didn’t convert. This will allow your ad to show up again in similar queries and remind them that your business is potential solution to their needs.

Google Ads Isn’t for Everyone…

In some situations, however, the market can become saturated. There might be too many ads already, and the cost becomes prohibitive—and it might not be a good use of your marketing dollars.

You might want to focus instead on social media or another method of marketing. The type of business you have and a deep-dive into the life-time value of each client will tell you which marketing method you should be using.

RealTop Marketing does this deep dive for every client before we ever start a campaign. Don’t throw away your marketing dollars on advertising that isn’t working. Talk to our team about how we can help—get a free consultation today!

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Does Google Ads really work?

Yes, Google Ads do work, but only if you have a good understanding of the platform, your target audience and how to best engage with them. If you’re just getting started with Google Ads, we recommend looking for help of a digital marketing agency specializing in Google Ads to ensure you’re getting the highest possible ROI for your business.

Who benefits from Google Ads?

Google ads campaigns are ideal for businesses offering services and products online. Also, if you are a business owner that wants to increase your online presence, Google Ads are an excellent alternative.


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